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BY codedog
matman wrote:
Bg wrote:
Lyle wrote:
$3,985 at Musicworks

try the veal....

Can you hear the difference between the veal and a real tube amp? ;)

Depends... how was the veal modelled? On FAS, Kemper, or Helix?
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Not really but it veals more real....
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sometimes you just need the veal thing.
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BY H671
I think that after seeing some of these puns that it is fortunate that we have a long weekend coming up :lol:
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BY Capt. Black
Veal meat again
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Ven veal all these puns stop? (in my best Deutsche accent)
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BY philly
i heard it through the bovine
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BY Olderama
Cows go to rock gigs

Their favourite band is Muse
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BY matman
This thread has gone horrendously off track! Does that mean that no one wants to aveal themselves of Chris’ offer?