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BY Kiwiaxe
Ok, I want to get some of my technique sorted out. There must be some super talented guitar teachers in Auckland who specialise in ripping up the fretboard with top notch technique? I'm thinking Rick Graham type of technique (I use a combination of hybrid and directional picking) as opposed to some super duper shred head.

Any recommendations please?
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BY slash-ed
Skype lessons are certainly where it's at these days. I have a couple of crazy shredder friends here that I'm happy to introduce you to if you want.

This particular song may be a little heavy/progressive for your tastes but James does a lot of session work so he's genre versatile (and for example is a great chicken picker too). And definitely has his shred chops down. Also is a Suhr endorsee so you'll have that in common ;)

More straight shred but also a great talent and great guy. Will be on tour in NZ with Heavy Metal Ninjas soon if you want to see the blazing shred live!
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BY Lyle
Spykerwolf wrote:Paul Gilbert also does lessons

I did those for a bit through artist works. I don't think I recorded enough videos to utilise it fully but he gave me some good tips on my playing from the stuff I did send.
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I can do lessons too if you want, I go crazy with the portable drill in frigidaire mode....