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BY Aquila Rossa
i have decided to keep the SD WLH pups from the SE because I really like them, so I am hoping somebody might have some SE pups stashed somewhere. If not keen to consider other options that might appeal to potential buyers. I will also consider selling the guitar without pups so somebody can chuck whatever they want in there.
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I have a pair of zebra prs se hummers, but they're in a guitar....pm me with your offer as I really quite like them :)
Bg wrote:I have a pair of zebra prs se hummers, but they're in a guitar....pm me with your offer as I really quite like them :)

Cheers. I will have a look into what they go for and consider what to offer. I was going to chuck the Gibson pups in the PRS SE for selling it, but decided to keep them just in case I sell the Gibson.
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BY godgrinder
Just lurk trademe for EMG HZ or Duncan Designed. Usually quite cheap when they come up.
Single coil wrote:https://ebay.com/itm/G-B-G109C-PE-Guitar-Pickup-Set-unused-in-box-Humbucker-Special-Black-no-logo/362204130071?hash=item54550c6b17:g:locAAOSwWLBaTnaN

These guys make the se pickups.

Very useful reply. Cheers. it gives me an idea of what i should be paying for used ones. $30 USD each plus shipping for new.
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BY StratMatt
I have the original pickups out of my USA PRS Singlecut, #7 bass and treble. Also have a zebra set which is the #6 PRS neck with a Zhangbucker Brownbucker which is an EVH style bridge.
I just spent the last hour looking at pickup wires, diagrams and control cavities etc. I think i have it sussed now. The bare and green wires on the Duncans act like the braid on the two wire Gibson pups and get soldered to the outside of the pot. Red and white wires are for switching and are soldered together, then covered with tape and tucked out of the way. Black wire goes to the outside lug of the pot. Done.

Not sure why installing pickups was so hard to get my head around. It was not until the peak caffeine efficiency time of day arrived that it clicked with me and I got it.

I had just given up on my nephew's Les Paul and taken it to Glynn. Complete rewiring of switches and jacks etc, so a lot harder for a first try at this stuff.
Not sure I am into this 50s wiring thing. It sounds very different. Kind of creamy. The pick attack and treble is softer. The bridge pick up is thicker sounding. Sounds very old school. I'd like to be able to switch from one to the other. The volume pots work differently too. Around 7-8 they really kick in.
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BY Basket Case
Sounds like you have linear taper pots in that guitar. Audio taper gives a smoother swell. Check the value on them too- that will probably account for the difference in tone. My LP studio had 300k pots in it and it always sounded dark and dull until I swapped them out for 500k. Incidentally I have a set of WLH pickups in mine too. Sounds great with 500k pots.

Edit- clearly I know nothing about '50s wiring! :oops:
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The volume pot will react very differently when the tone is turned down with 50's wiring, the controls become much more interactive. Switching between the two is very easy, its just a matter of switching the (connection to the) capacitor between the input and output lug on the volume pot.
I think i might keep 50s on the neck pup. But go back to normal on the bridge. It is too thick for my tastes on the bridge with 50s.

I do not want to drill switches, so have to sus how to do it with push pull pots. Glynn does not seem to like 50s wiring. He spent some time trying to convince us to go with treble bleeds instead for my nephew's Les Paul.

One thing I am very happy with is how low I managed to get the action. it's a very good guitar. 1997.