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BY willow13
Bg wrote: Ignore the others who are just trolling you.

it almost like the old wolfpack is back from 10yrs ago :rofl: :rofl:
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BY jumpingtam
Bg wrote:hey bud, which parts do you need? I have a tremendously wrecked boss ds 1, but most of the parts are there. Its covered in marker pen and stuff. but if you need internals etc you're welcome to it. Ignore the others who are just trolling you.

Hi Bg,

Sorry for the late reply, been busy with our newborn for the past week.
For starters, my CS2 needs a backplate + screws, pots for the sustain and attack knobs are problematic. I get some weird volume drops when using the CS2 so I need to further troubleshoot the electronics. I know I can buy parts from Jaycar but I would really like to maintain my CS2 with Boss parts, if you know what I mean.