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BY Mattallica
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Mattallica wrote:You could chuck a bid on this Conway style LP:


For the $200-300 range you'll get something that's playable with fair QC. I'd stay away from the set neck stuff in this price range and aim for a bolt-on. Other than that it's much of a muchness, unless something decent comes up second hand.

But that one is a set neck???
Phew...that's quite a finish.

True but the supposed original value is well above $200-300 so build quality should be better
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BY Terexgeek
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Terexgeek wrote:
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Something like that might work, yeah. Can you flick me a pic or two and the price? Cheers :thumbup:

This is identical to mine, but if the CS250 doesn't appeal, this probably won't:

Sadly, you are right. I really like some of those old 70s and 80s Aria and Ibanez guitars though, with the through necks and the blonde sandwich finishes.

It's stranger than that, it's a set neck that looks like a through neck! It's my first though, so it's special to me at least, it just doesn't get played these days.