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BY WellyBlues
Okay, just put this out there in case someone wants a no-hassle sale. I want a Macbook Pro 13 Mid-2012 model (A1278). While there are quite a few on TM my Apple advisor says they are too much money. Particularly as most are 4gb/500gb models that I'd want to upgrade to 8mb/ssd drive.

A couple of the 'cheaper' ones look like they have been abused and some look downright dodgy (stolen).

CC Lower Hutt have one listed that might be the go, just not sure about the whole stolen thing with CC.

Just in case someone would like to shift their one. I was budgeting at about $500 for a 4gb/500gb one. Let me know what you have and maybe it'll make sense.

I know, being a cheapskate.
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BY sty
I'm a big Apple buyer/user and Macbook Pros have always been very solid machines (my main machines have been and are a Mid 2009 and now a Mid 2010).

I haven't checked the one your interested in, but I would advise you to check out somewhere like Low End Mac (and look at some youtube videos) just to make sure that you can upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive on the unit your going for. Apple started soldering in memory etc. to the motherboard and switching to non-standard HDDs for a while which can make some upgrades a lot harder than they used to be (all my MBPs have had multiple memory and hard drive updates by me). The nastiest one I had to do recently was my wifes iMac where I needed to get a US$35 temp sensor from the states to stop the fans going mad when I replaced the old HDD which had built in Apple custom temp sensor with a nice fast SSD
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BY bbrunskill
I have a 2012, not for sale sorry, but it's still a good machine. You will need 8gb RAM, or it's like wading through mud opening programs and starting the thing. Mine can even handle a bit of basic recording and editing. Video editing however, doesn't work well at all.