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Kiwiaxe wrote:Yes that 339 piqued my interest but a bit too late. Conway I think you’d look great with that hottie on your hip so why are you selling it!

My PRSs are getting jealous because they’re being neglected.
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Kiwiaxe wrote:Well if I knew that already I’d likely already own (or have owned) it!

That’s why I’m looking for some inspiration!

Maybe instead of something from left field you might look for something quintessential. For the sake of argument, a '69 reissue Strat that does 'that' Hendrix tone. So, maybe start with a tone that you love. Just an idea.

Or a nostalgia purchase from your teenage bedroom wall. Jackson Randy Rhoads!
N4 also far too cool for me!

Nice idea Molly. The above mentioned R7 could fit that category, or maybe a nice CS strat although I’ve got strats kind of covered.

Although I’d never say no to a nice LSL CVS if one ever came up over here.
olegmcnoleg wrote:If you can find another 2k, you can have my '64 D18.

If you want something different, do this. It's a real bar room brawler of a guitar. Cool enough to give you icicles.