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has he given you any indication of what type/shape/colour guitar he wants?
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BY matman
AiRdAd wrote:has he given you any indication of what type/shape/colour guitar he wants?
AiRdAd wrote:Nice one! what sort of music does he play/listen too?

He has pretty wide tastes from the (c)rap his mates listen to, his mum’s dodgy 90s pop and my stuff. Playing wise he’s learned “nothing else matters”, “silent lucidity”, “under the bridge”, a couple of reggae songs and various acoustic fingerpicky things he’s picked up from me. We jam along to Lenny Kravitz Freedom Train because it’s pretty much one chord. Wants to learn hotel California and crazy train.

Guitar wise he likes strats, Vs, MLs, and explorers. Don’t know if he would care too much about colour (within reason for a 13 year old boy)
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I wanted a red strat like mark knopfler when I was 11.

Sold it to oldie as a dave murray copy a couple years ago lol
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BY matman
Will know for sure when I get it but definitely looks like it atm. I thought it was just a Gio to start with but then thought, "hold on, it's a set neck" and then saw the screws for the scratchplate. I had wondered if it was a 80s Artist because of the shape and logo but Ash filled me in on the pedigree.
matman wrote:Ok I have somewhat impulsively bought this: https://preview.trademe.co.nz/marketplace/music-instruments/instruments/guitar-bass/electric-guitars/listing/1536687529

As far as I can tell Korean made ibby set neck AXS32 circa 2004. Should hopefully do the trick.

Sorry, having a good guitar as your first guitar is against the law. You'll have to keep that one for yourself.

Here I found you one for your kid:
https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instrum ... 207017.htm
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BY matman
Haha he would probably actually think that looks really cool (and be completely oblivious to the crap materials and build quality)