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BY olegmcnoleg
Good for you!

Taylor GS mini is a good way to go if you don't want to spend mega-bucks.

If you do, look out for a Larrivee Parlour, they are great. Neither is slotted though. Martin 00M-15S if you can find one?

I grant that slotted headstocks look great, but they make string changing a lot more fiddly.
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BY codedog
Aye, the slotted headstock thing is purely cosmetic. The 12-fret thing is what I'm after. The GS Mini is only a small 14-fret though, isn't it?
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BY codedog
I have always thought Simon & Patrick was the budget acoustic brand of Godin. I didn't like those much at all. I didn't realise Art & Lutherie is also a Godin brand, and they're actually made in Canada! A bit of a pleasant surprise.