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BY Homebelly
Title as attention grabber..

Tossing up wether to buy one ready made or build again.

Head preferred, but combo can be considered.

Would like something around the 35 to 50 watt range with Reverb if possible to use as a pedal platform.

I've got 2K to spend..

Might be interested in a bogner
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BY Molly
null_pointer wrote:Well, fulfilling almost none of your wish list, I have an 18w Bogner Mojado 1x12 I’m selling...

Similarly of no use I have the perfect Dr Z EZG 50 (Super Reverb / SRV El Mocambo tone) that's not for sale.

Not terribly helpful, sorry.
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BY Molly
Dharmajester wrote:Badcat cub iii 30 hand wired legacy series. No built in verb I'm afraid ( run it with a seperate Carl Martin headroom Spring unit).

Oooh, yes. This. There y'go. Sorted. :-)
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I've got a boss metal zone, for 50 bucks you can turn any amp into a 10,000 watt superstack!!!
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BY Slowy
Just to add to the selection anxiety:
About 22 very loud clean watts. An ideal pedalboard engine. And hand built; not like all this other common stuff. :rofl: