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BY dayl
I want a fuzz pedal again. Its been too long.

Man... the amount of bs, butt kissing, hipster, 'botique' pedal makers out there that claim their pedal is the real deal etc.... I get it.. fuzz pedals are easy to make so every man and his dog has a special design.

I want something good though. By the time I made the comparisons and looked around, the Redwitch sale was over. I like the tweakability of the Way Huge fuzz and am watching another on TM.

If you have an awesome pedal to sell me or any recommendations so I can make sense of this bloated market, please sing out.
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BY godgrinder
This thing is a clone of the Boss FZ-2:
https://www.surplustronics.co.nz/produc ... ects-pedal

I have the FZ-2, mode 2 is absolutely gnarly. Sounds like this:

Mode 3 works pretty good as a boost, mode 1 is meh.
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I've got two I make – the Orion and the Sirius

Orion does more classic fuzz tones, Sirius does the huge wall of sound thing
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BY Aquila Rossa
I was literally just thinking about starting a fuzz thread to discuss the different types.

I also want one [or two], but not sure what. There is an almost obscene overload of options out there and I am befuzzled by it all a bit

I have not studied fuzz so much, but if we go to roots of the classic fuzz units, seems there are a few branches that stem from these main ones:

I Can't Get No Satisfaction Fuzzrite

The Hendrix Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface and the later silicon one he used in Band Of Gypsies.

The Jimmy Page Tone Bender type, although I am not even sure what parts of songs he used it on.

Purple Haze solo' was an Octavia

Then the next evolution was the EHX Muff.

I guess the Dallas Rangemaster almost belongs on that family too, because it had the sound of two germanium diodes clipping, as did the original Dist+ which can get a little fuzzy.

Not a lot changed from then until the more recent explosion of types. Being able to control the parameter like splutter etc seems to be the most common changes. Mega big fuzz like Muse use is something I like, but I can not imagine myself using that sound often tbh.

Personally, I am looking for a more classic fuzz. I am listening to different examples on old recordings. Like the Fuzzface sound, but also like Muff and Tone Bender. Was thinking about all this stuff and deciding on a fuzz when the Riot came up for sale. Not exactly a fuzz fix.
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BY jeremyb
Buy hacksaws carcosa, they're bloody brilliant!
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BY Aquila Rossa

What sound/genre more or less are you after? Your own thing, or trying to get a specific sound of a record
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BY jeremyb
I've owned a few fuzz pedals now, and my two favourites are the musket and the fuzz god, the musket is great for gilmour / smashing pumpkins / muff tones but also does a great distortion tone too... the fuzz god is great for splattery madness, also had a fuzz factory and thats a bonkers thing thats hard to keep under control, goes off into madness for those matt bellamy-esque solos... lots of options out there tho'...
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BY hamo
Paging Darth Sabbathi...
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BY Aquila Rossa


I like the sustain and the way it works with humbucker, as wellas not being over the top expenisve. A little woolly in the bass perhaps.
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BY Aquila Rossa
A nice sounding and very dynamic Hendrix era fuzz here:

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BY Aquila Rossa
NippleWrestler wrote:Mojo hand colossus or eqd hoof.

Both huge sounding and hugely awesome.

Depends on what kind of sound you are shooting for. For me, it is more subtle fuzz for classic singing lead sustain and overtones, because I was raised by hippies and grew up on those sounds. Others will want face melting fuzz units in the megaton range etc. Not sure what Dayl is after tbh.
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BY dayl
jeremyb wrote:Buy hacksaws carcosa, they're bloody brilliant!

Mean. I didnt even know what that was. That black out is beautiful......

Reality is that I'll prob end up with a nano one knob job :lol: Temptin though. That DOD sounds great and the options on that blackout.... :shock:
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BY Mattallica
Buy hacksaws carcosa, they're bloody brilliant!

After an hour or so of watching/reading, i really do want this now.... but mostly for my bass!