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BY Mattallica
Money, hole, burning.

I'm curious to experience* how it improves the IRT Studio + 2x12 cab setup for home noodling. It might help motivate me to do some recording too? probably not. Maybe i'll dabble in this IR stuff and see what the fuss is about.
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BY Aquila Rossa
IRT-x looks like a stage monitor config. 200 watt powered. Home noodling? One application I can think of is running your 2x12 dry and using DI out to a FX unit, then on to the X as your wet channel (IRT cab sim, or some cab sim unit plugged into the DI feeding the FX) . Two of them and you have wet, dry, wet. In the past this would require two more amps/slave amps and two more cabs.

Big setup for home tho. Would be a bit like having a setup at home that would be like have dry amps on stage, but your monitors on stage are wet via the mixing desk.
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BY Mattallica
Hmm, i haven't worded that clearly. I'm fully aware of the applications but i'm wanting to try it "IRL". I have a couple H9's so i'll be able to get any combo of stereo or wet/dry. Cheers for the input though :) i don't think it would be any bigger than the folks running their 4x12s at home. It would sit nicely on top of the rack case too.
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BY Basket Case
I used mine for the first time with a band at practice last night. I'm really impressed!

For home use at low volume they sound great, but the times I cranked them to get an idea of how they would sound in a band setting, I thought they had a tendency to get harsh and lacked a bit of depth/oomph. Not so with a band. They cut through really well without sounding at all harsh. They are voiced perfectly for live monitoring and project the frequencies you want. Bandmates commented on how good it sounded and how it 'sounded loud without actually being loud'- They definiteyl had a lot of clarity.

I wasn't playing with a particularly loud drummer but I think with the oodles of volume I had in reserve they would be fine even with a hard hitter. Definitely the way to go if you're using some sort of modeler and going through the FOH as well.

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