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BY Dharmajester
In the past I've had a rack of Roland modules, Oberheims, Prophets etc etc. All the old analogue kit is expensive nowadays and rarely to be seen here. Most of the current offerings being primarily digital I'd just grab an Arturia Vintage collection and decent mother keyboard. Arturia in fact offer a couple of keyboards with an accompanying software package containing sounds selected from the collection ( editable ) at pretty decent prices.
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BY calling card
At seeing the mention Of Oberheim above makes me smile. My son in his Doors mode with a Jansen 1967 transistor organ and a little short keyboard controller plugged into a Oberheim piano module doing bass note duty. Was quite Manzerek.
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BY calling card
There's worlds of soundscape to explore with Native Instrument software, some free.
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BY GrantB
The title made me think

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BY Vince
Frey wrote:Made a synth tune,

Check this out. It's a little synth tune I came up with.

I like the song, but I'm not crazy about the vocals. Not looking down on your vocals, mine are even more shit.

Have you ever thought of going through a vocoder? I think it'd be cool as with robot vocals talking about friends and being on someone's side.
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BY Eruera
I’m a real fan of the Roland ROMplers, just sold my JV-1080 to move to an XP-80 (workstation keyboard with a JV-1080 in it). The expansion boards are getting pricey now but luckily I already have the two most collectable ones from back when they were about $50.

Also making a start on building my own modular synth setup for some analog goodness on the cheap (if you don’t value time).

I have a Novation Circuit for jamming out on the couch.
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1080 was class, I had one and quite a few of the expansions.
Over the years I've had loads of hardware synths and samplers - my thoughts nowadays is, they all fit in my Macbook.
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BY Eruera
I’ve never gelled with a soft synth, but then I’ve never had a proper controller to let me get hands on with one.
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Eruera wrote:I’ve never gelled with a soft synth, but then I’ve never had a proper controller to let me get hands on with one.

Yeah I didn't until I got one with weighted keys etc...
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BY moliere
My current list of Synthamasizers :
Moog Sub Phatty
Roland SH-101
Roland MKS-50
Novation K-Station
Korg 03R/W
Korg Wavestation SR
Korg Poly800
Korg MS-20 mini
Korg MS-10
Korg Volca FM
Paia Fatman
SOMA Lyra 8
AtomoSynth Mochika XL
Synthstrom Deluge
Arturia MicroBrute

And about 750 HP of Eurorack modular stuff, which is pretty fun.

Softsynth wise, I quite enjoy the Arturia Collection and love Diva and Korg Legacy stuff. For me, the physical stuff is mostly about how it inspires particular things and the hands-on nature rather than the sound itself.
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BY philly
i was an early adopter of the wavestation in the early 90's.. cant bear the sound of them now...

anyone heard of this lot?... sound reasonable...
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BY moliere
AvonSynth look like they just popped up, saw them advertising on the NZmodular facebook page recently. Seems decent, if a bit uninspiring (basic range of modules/functionality to start with). Keen on more local stuff though, so will probably grab a module or two.
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BY mrmofo
I made a module out of my JD800. I`m still coughing up the smoke from chopping the keyboard off. wore a cutting wheel down. was horrendous.