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BY olegmcnoleg
null_pointer wrote:So here's a couple from my band. We record at McDonald's too, in between happy meals and a large hot fudge sundae. We have to be fast before the drive-thru fills up and interferes with the ambiance.

And one off Bandcamp we haven't quite managed to 'visualise' yet: ... me-can-say

Great energy, I very much like that.
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BY MattAnt
olegmcnoleg wrote:Some great material and really nice production work in all of those recent songs. Am feeling inadequate now, at home in the basement, with my Mac, using Logic! :oops:

Nothing wrong with Logic. All of our midi/synth stuff is done in Logic, and recorded and mixed in Reaper. Don't have to spend big bucks!
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BY WellyBlues
bender wrote:Boom! Final mixes:

Piha Pipeline:

Ride Of The Manatees:

Shakes imaginery sand from (imaginery) beach blond hair, looks out window and realises he hasn't been at the beach for the last half hour. Sigh. Listened to all the tracks on your soundcloud page. Perfect for a sunny warmish Wellington day. Cool stuff.
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BY el byrdo
Bullkelp surfers tracks are legitimate AF. Really authentic sounds guys. Couldn't get to the jesus stuff, spotify doesn't seem to agree with my computer. I'm sure it's righteous though.
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BY hamo
A couple of snippets just recorded with my phone. Nothing of consequence, just contributing. :)

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BY Chickenman
Sup team.

More ramblings from the musical isolation that is Fernvale >.>

Wintering in Borneo is old, just a redo with the current "sound" after losing the project files long ago.

Mixes are average but I was glad to get the other two songs mostly fleshed out although everything except the melodies is improvised and one of two takes that I just flip between.

Some clangers in there but... lel :P
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BY el byrdo

new small album! this is all my most recent stuff. Just got the internet on at the flat so thought I'd post some of my work. Also got a full album coming out as soon as I've mixed it and mastered it. It's from my 2016 auckland sessions. Quite a prolific period!
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