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BY el byrdo
Really good acoustic tone, matt. What did you use to record, guitar etc? I'm jealous. I miss my acoustic.
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BY MattH

There are a couple of guitars in there - a Yamsha LS26 and an X series Martin. Using Rode NT55s into a Focusrite Forte.

It's all mic placement though, to be honest. I could get it better, but pretty good for demos.
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BY el byrdo
New track, tried to make a sort of 80's ish pop banger. It's pretty keyboard heavy.

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BY el byrdo

Todays recording fruits. Am working towards an album, maybe I should just shut up and stop soundcloud attention whoring :lol:
BY null_pointer

Slowly finishing up some tracks we recorded in Jan. Finished product a bit more glossy and produced than what I had in my head at the time, and definitely a lot more polished than it sounds live, but it is what it is! Couple more to go before we start on the newer stuff.

(I'm the bass player in this particular band by the way).

Come for a ride - featuring ex-Conway Vox Virage and BG's Ecstasy, no additional pedals
Fall Asleep - Strat deluxe into 1990 AC30 with Telenordia TA-100 cranked for the most part
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BY el byrdo
that's a punchy mix you got there. Sounds radio fresh, much polish. Kind of like the foo fighters. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that's a good thing or not lol.
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