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Kris wrote:You dont mention what you are recording-if it is you just doing your own songs a simple 2 channel usb interface will be fine.

Yep, just me messing about. Guitars, bass and maybe some vocals. I think 2 channels will be all I'll need.

My next big question is, what should I use for my guitar sounds? Do I need to get amp modelling software? Can I use my pedal board? Should I try to mic my amp?

And drum sounds. Way back in the days I used to mess about with some looping software and got quite into sampling drum tracks or using samples I found online (the intro to Grease was a particular favourite!) Is this an option? Looks like Reaper has good looping functionality. Alternatively, what are some good drum software options? (Hydrogen looks interesting but possibly not great for Windows...)
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BY hamo
I say mic your amp. It's the only way to be sure.

man...there's a lot of can use your pedals and then use an amp sim,or DI your amp and use an impulse host for cabinet emulation or mic it.
Trial and error.Thats how i learned...
Darth Sabbathi wrote:Brilliant! Thanks for all the input. I will definitely try out Reaper - think I was getting ahead of myself with PT!

Thewilltopowerrock wrote:I am about a day away from listing the interface I have to free up some cash. It's pretty basic and worked fine for me, it's been sat in its box for about a year so should go to someone who will use it. It's ex-Capt. Black so hopefully he sees this and can chip in with some info and hopefully advice on a fair price!

I would certainly be interested - what is it? The Scarlett 2i4 on TM is now up to $72 with another 6 days to go, so it may get beyond me (I don't really want to spend too much more than $100).

This is it dude: ... rface.html

Capt. reckons a fair price would be half the RS price, which was in line with what my initial guess was, so $150? My arm is twistable however.
Thanks to this thread and the mighty customer service of Dave/Matt at the Rockshop, I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 on the way.

Can anyone point me towards some good/cheap monitors for home use? I've been recommended the PreSonus 'Eris'...
MogwaiBoy wrote:
Can anyone point me towards some good/cheap monitors for home use? I've been recommended the PreSonus 'Eris'...

I went super cheap and just bought some Eris 4.5s - they should arrive in a few days. I'll let you know how they sound (not that I'm an expert lol)
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