Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY StratMatt
kwhelan wrote:shades of white is the bitch, so so many

There is only Olympic..
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BY StratMatt
Yeah the Jem white is cool, I like the white Mick Thompson Ibanez sig too.
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BY GrantB
Those prices are excellent.
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BY PPG Guitar Refinish
DEMO and just mucking around

Processes of painting EVH Style Red/White/Black.

Starting off with a good condition guitar. (No need for Extra Hi build primer as its a Demo)

1. Prepare surface and clean.
2. Apply Wet on Wet Primer
3. 3 Coats of Sting Red.
4. Sand again and Clean
5. Fine line stripes for White.
6. Mask out red.

7. Apply White Basecoat
8. Unmask all tape
9. Clear again.

10. Sand, Clean...
11. Fine line stripes for Black
12. Mask out Red and White

13. Apply Black Basecoat
14. Unmask all tape.
15. Clear.. Again..

16. Sand, Clean... :roll:
17 . Final Coats of Clear.

18. Denib any dust.
19. Cut and Polish.

20. Apply Paint Protection.

I'll be posting these images as I go through this process this week, The amount of time and effort spent masking and ensuring no bleed through the masking is essential so its looking sound !!

Ppg Guitar Refinish.

Axis Fine Line Only for White.jpg

Axis Ready for White Base.jpg
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pls forgive my ignorance, but what is 'three stage pearl' and 'candy paint'? any examples for those please? great job by the way!
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BY Single coil
Super cool. God, I so do not have the patience for that sorta finish hahahah
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BY PPG Guitar Refinish
Special effect colors.

Three Stage Pearl

1. Solid Ground Coat, Any Color.

2. Tinted Clear additive mixed with Pearl paints applied in multiple thin coats.

3. Clear.

Candy Paint

1.Solid Ground Coat, Any Color.

2. Metallic/Pearl Coat applied ( Whatever effect is desired)

3. Clear.

4. Sand again

5. Apply dye/Candy/translucent vibrant tinters.

6. Clear.

Hope this helps (:
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BY Danger Mouse
I've always wanted a car painted in Candy Apple Red. Maybe I should settle for a guitar in that colour...
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BY Terexgeek
Danger Mouse wrote:I've always wanted a car painted in Candy Apple Red. Maybe I should settle for a guitar in that colour...

Do it!!!
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BY calling card
From the bits I've read in the past it was Ferrari and Mercedes who were early adopters of waterbased finishes.