Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY jvpp
I had a visit from ForumFingers during the weekend who very kindly played some stuff which I recorded with a low quality camera. At the same time I recorded the sound into a DAW. Then edited the video and embedded the higher quality audio track. Seem to have worked alright. Many thanks to the player :clap:

Any feedback on the pups welcome...


Pickup sounds: both, neck, bridge

Audio (both pickups on) starts first followed by video a few seconds later...

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BY jvpp
Michael wrote:Man, those sound snappy. Love to hear them with a bit of dirt.

It's all in the fingers of the player right?

I recorded some more short tracks on the overwound 6 coil version in the Tele but I thought they were clean too. Will check. Mr ForumFingers did play some dirty stuff but sadly not recorded.

I suppose I could try to play some dirty stuff but it won't be very entertaining.... Just Em chords or so... Or perhaps the saddest chord of all!
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BY jvpp
kwhelan wrote:good job tying the audio to the video in sync, its damn hard to make it look right

Wasn't too hard. I used ShotCut free software and it allows you to mute the sound on the video clip and also add a separate audio track. You can view both audio signals and look for a common spike in both. In this case we had inserted a loud handclap at the beginning so with that 'trigger' it was relatively easy to get video with separate audio in synch.