Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY NippleWrestler
I've always found it easier to angle the neck heel rather than the cavity. Route everything flat then sand the angle with a sanding beam, or you can use a belt sander if you're hardcore.

5 builds later and this is still the easiest way rather than faffing about with jigs and angles for routers.
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BY MakoGat
I never considered countersinking the bridge, makes sense too cause those things stick waaaaaaay up off the body especially with a flat top, would look ugly with bridge and pickups poking up.

Started the drawing last night, I have neck heel dimensions but seeing as I dont have the bridge yet I would only be guessing (measured another well set up LP and from body to saddles was 12mm) so will leave it until bridge arrives.

IMO would also prefer to rout or cnc neck pocket at an angle as easier and more accurate than trying to sand neck heel as could be lop sided or have less full contact as im going for MAJOR resonance all over this guitar - better for a neck swap too, no need to re-sand new neck
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BY MakoGat
As Im not 100% on which bridge I will end up using Ive made the call that my saddle height is 12mm (if taller I can countersink it) finishing up the drawing and based on the neck heel dimensions my angle is 1.5 degrees.

Now to order some customs necks and make jigs for neck pocket rout.