Self built and self assembly ;)

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Lostininverness wrote:Getting them dots in the right place can be pretty tricky! Are there going to be side dots?

Yep, there are on the blacky neck already, not sure what I'm doing on the rosewood yet.
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jvpp wrote:That rosewood and alu blinkers looks the biz!

Use a bit of real course sandpaper on the rosedustglue section to give it some artificial grain. Or if you keen use a scalpel to draw the grain lines.

Us, third grade guitar builders, always own up to mistakes and how we fix them. I am sure in the old days, the big dudes made as many mistakes, covered them up and sold them as if all were equally perfect.,.,.,

Yeah, all those messed up sunbursts resprayed a solid colour ;)
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Number 1 neck is about finished, a little work to do and then I actually have a number 1 guitar - achievement unlocked, body made - check, neck made - check.
Number 2 neck is looking good and fretted, 12" radius rather than the compound radius of the other two. Side markers are brass tube again.
Number 3 neck is wanting to be glued, begging for it. Truss Rod is routed. Will glue tomorrow,.
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BY Single coil
lol but u dnt need a truss lmao XDDDDD

just kidding.
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