Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY Clanger
I'm interested in buying one of these stripped SG's off ebay: ... SwKQ9aCh~N and finishing it off with aftermarket bits. I haven't done any research yet into what's needed, I just liked the idea, and wondered where I could get what's needed to build a complete SG. I have 0 experience, but I've done heaps of soldering on car wiring, etc.

I'm thinking SD Pearly Gate pickups, Gibson Top Hat knobs and Sperzel tuners. Apart from that I'll be honest and say I have absolutely no clue what else would be needed regarding pots. I'd like to use one of these for the tailpiece also: ... _4161.html

Can you also get those Derek Trucks meastro tailpieces? I'm good with my hands, so I could probably make one and have it chromed.

Achievable fun project?
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BY JHorner
Sounds like fun. Just check out any of the pre wired kits for pots and caps or even Gibson's own specs?

Considering the low prices we see used factory assembled SGs going for though, you're probably setting fire to your money.
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BY JHorner
I seem to recall you can get the tailpieces on ebay, but they're not engraved. Opportunity to put your own engraving on there I guess.
BY Clanger
Cool, I'd just leave it blank.

It might turn out to be expensive, but having better hardware and pickups of choice would make it worth it.
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BY Jellybelly
I have been burnt by that same outfit.
With a strat body/neck combo. They mentioned a few imperfections but nothing near the list that was hidden.
They basicly laughed and said send it back at my cost then they would consider it.
Also by the time you add all the other bits it would be cheaper to buy a cheaper one here and strip it or look at my trucks SG $2100 delivered :D :D :D :D
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BY Single coil
It will be a fun but pretty spendy project ... you could talk to the bloke who bought the white 61ri off me and probably spend less.
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Once you bring that in you're banging on the door of getting a cheaper GIbson SG Standard.

Say something like this: ... 1471180577

If you bought something like that, you could go about getting the upgraded parts you want as time goes on. Because you've got a complete guitar, you're under no time pressure to buy the gear, so can wait for bargains to come up. You could go about upgrading all the bits you wanted to. The best thing about doing it this way, is if you want to sell the guitar and get another SG or a Les Paul, you can simply take all of the old parts off, and put them onto your new Les Paul or SG.
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BY StrummersOfThunder
Input together a Ric 620 with this approach. Different seller tho I think. And I had spare pickups that came with another Ric. For me it worked out a little cheaper , but U had to make a ric truss cover which was tricky.
I'd go with the suggestions above. Also protects you in resell terms. A partscaster is a partscaster.
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BY Single coil
... but all that said, if you’re goin the same sorta route as me with the goldtop (mod the fuck out of it til death do us part), fuckin go for it.
Good nickel hardware is available - I used Gotoh and kluson.
Any decent value pots will work - 1M could be pretty cool. 50s wiring and you’re away laughing.
Before you go dumping hundreds into SD though, I strongly recommend you try (or try get your hands on) the entwistle HV58s.

StrummersOfThunder wrote:Exchange rate is gonna make it hurt right now too

Also this :problem:
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BY GrantB
Clanger wrote:
Can you also get those Derek Trucks meastro tailpieces? I'm good with my hands, so I could probably make one and have it chromed.

Achievable fun project?

I'll have a look for a tail piece at home...might have something like this...can't recall. If I find it, it's yours.
BY Delayman
I reckon the guys are right about grabbing a cheap SG and modding.

Unless you REALLY want the experience of starting from almost scratch.

I got a faded special for $800ish and a standard for $1100 (ex grant) and the benefit is (right or wrong) they will resell better than a non-Gibson one.

The faded would be a great option for a full on modstorm.
BY Clanger
Thanks for the advice and suggestions guys. I've just seen Darth Sabbathi's post and will buy his '13 Standard.

I guess after adding up all the bits and including shipping and extras, 1400 for Darth's SG would be a good base, rather than needing to start from scratch, (although that was the part I was actually looking forward to, as a project)? I just want to tinker to be honest. I want to understand and know exactly how everything works, out of curiosity and for the love of it.

Grant, I'd love to get a tail piece off you if you had one to part with. That would look good on a black one, like the one you had a while ago with the gold hardware.
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BY GrantB
Had a look...hmmm, missing just for now. I had went on the black SG.