Self built and self assembly ;)

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Let's start this post with some great news!

This turned up, courtesy of Delayman. Now I need to work out where on the board it's going to go :mrgreen:


After I'd done some house related stuff, I decided I'd had enough and went to put not one, but two push pull pots in the goldtop.
They will go in the tone slot for each pickup, and work as series/parallel switches for the HV58's.
Used two of the good pots that were in there. There was a push pull in there that I had lying around, but it was buggered.
Pictured: New pot, old pot, Russki capacitor.


Copied the wiring from the dodgy buggered pot, and that was the bridge done. :D
Big ass orange wire is an extra ground thing.


Now, here's the problem - The wires for the neck pickup are unbelievably short.
Pictured: Me having a grand old tug oh, myyy! on the offending wires.


I used more of the orange cable, and somehow managed to do it backwards. 8)
Pictured: Standard, HB/HB in series. Note neck tone is pulled up. :lol:


Sorted that out, had a play, wondered why it wasn't playing the game so well - Turns out the jack had oxidised (again). Popped it out, cleaned it right up, and put some electric helper spray shit on it. Didn't know the inside was copper! (Switchcraft)


Then I glued my knobs on cuz sometimes they fall off if I pull too hard. :thumbdown: Oh my actual my!


You can see in the above picture I've gone for the wrap around style of stringing so I can have the tailpiece cranked right the fuck down.

The following image, despite the orange spaghetti, is a fuckload tidier than it used to be.
Everything works perfectly. All the joins are without excess solder (except maybe a couple grounds).
Quite proud of how I've managed to get my wiring to here. I mean it was functional before, but at least it doesn't look like the solder seagull came in and shat all over it.


Coming up: JHorner's awesome generous mail order present, my decals (sometime before I'm 30), and another idiocy video with parallel!

because you're hopeless? :P

the hyphen's not the problem.... it needs to be https
Single coil wrote:You’re kidding.
Https never used to work.

When the hell did that happen?

when youtube switched over to https about 2 years ago? If you hover over the 'youtube' symbol in the toolbar it gives you an example... I can't make it James proof!
Single coil wrote:JHorner's awesome generous mail order present

Generous is a rather er, generous word to use.

$3.60 and coming from the US, so you might get it by christmas.

Though I do have a friend who measures everything in pies. Any sum of money large enough to purchase a one or more pies is a valuable sum to him. So I guess it's a pie.

Single coil wrote:Then I glued my knobs on

Um, wat?

Sounds like the kind of thing you'll regret later.
That's a thing of nuggets or a sammie from the local bake n' fry type joint (yeah, work that one out). Maybe a v and a snickers from c_untdown.
I haven't taken a great deal of skin off my right hand with the dodgy zinc screws, but ya know.

I think it's more the thought. Little things aren't often so little; it's a cherry on top of it really.

JHorner wrote:Sounds like the kind of thing you'll regret later.

Maybe I'm just not pulling hard enough? :lol:
Single coil wrote:That isn’t there in the mobile version.
Probably half the problem.

now you know... but its been the same for a couple of years ;)

I've literally tried to make it as easy as possible. Go to the youtube clip, copy the address from the address bar and paste between the youtube code.

I have no idea how to make it simpler. it has to be https which 99.9% of youtube will default too. If you try and change it too http it will default back to https in youtube ffs.
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