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BY Jehu
Hey folks,

I've been tossing around the idea of cobbling together a 5e3 at some point. I'm still in the info gathering phase, but it looks like the biggest challenge (apart from general lack of competence) would be sourcing a 230/240v power transformer.

Does anyone know of a local source, or overseas that won't cost a fortune in shipping, etc.?

BY Jehu
Thanks griff. This is still all a ways off yet, but out of interest, how much would you be after?

And do we know that this would be appropriate for a 5e3 build? (As you can see I am fairly clueless at this stage... I'll be learning on the job! When it comes time to build the cab I will be back in my element.)
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BY griff7628
Maybe $120 posted?
Not sure if it's appropriate or not, that would be something you would have to look into. Pretty sure it would be fine tho. Transformers have far less effect on tone than the design of the circuit itself. Just gotta make sure the specs of the tranny match your design.
I should be able to get the specs for the tranny from Doug at Jet City Amplification if you ever go down that road. I won't be selling it in a hurry, so keep me in mind.
BY Jehu
sizzlingbadger wrote:

Ah, there we go! That's actually surprisingly reasonable. Thanks for that; I find the mouser site a bit confusing at the best of times.