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BY Pete
Hi all
My ibanez pf-100 volume knob broke last night. Very sad as I've had this guitar since new (1983)
Anyway looking for a genuine replacement. I know they are super rare, but you never know.
It uses the ibanez sure grip 1 in black.

BY Pete
yes I will have ago repairing, but the others will probably follow suit soon so I need to source some replacements.

Yes I have looked on ebay and several specialist shops in the USA and Canada, no luck yet. They are pricey though. One store owner in Canada said he sold out of vintage new ones in ~2007 and they were going for $$$

Anyway, you never know. Hopefully someone here will find and old corroded PF and I'll be in
BY NippleWrestler
Speak to a guy called Neil Haworth. You can find him on Facebook or Google his name and luthier or something.

He worked at musicworks for 20 years setting up ibanez imports, now runs a shop in the coromandel.

He hooked me up with an original bridge, sustain block, amber suregrip knobs and pickup rings for my 1981 ibanez artist. He has an amazing stash. Prices were very fair too, way better than eBay and original parts.