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BY Lostininverness
GrantB wrote:First of all, this sucks when it happens.

You can pull it flat but only to the string tension. And to do that you need some fancy ass equipment. StewMac sells a great jig for this.

I have just created my own tension jig before and it worked well. Just clamped the guitar down with blocks and stuff to pull neck up a bit.

If the backbow is too strong, this will make little difference. Heat and steam "might" work. Vicious down pressure over a longer period also might work but has its problems. I've heard of necks becoming lifeless after heat and pressure treatment.

Maple necks are a problem when this occurs. Mahogany less's more forgiving and will move. Plane it, then refret with tall fret wire and level it out in the middle....that's about the best you can do when everything else fails.

Better still, get a new neck!

Excellent, thanks for that. I'm guessing you've dealt with some troublesome guitars? Do you have many before/after photos from any restoration work?

I learnt the hard way that the way you clamp a fret board onto a neck is actually quite important. Managed to get enough movement by tuning up about two semitones and leaving in the window of the hottest room of the house.
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BY GrantB
My threads often have shots of before and after...

I should re-do the SG and Duo Jet threads...those things were basket cases.

Putting a guitar in the sun can have some adverse and unplanned twisting the neck, or increasing the back bow, despite any string pressure!
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BY GrantB
Not really. Wood is gonna do what it wants irrespective of strings. If it’s not a quatersawn piece or there’s other movement in it it’s anyones guess as to how it will behave under introduced extremes.
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BY Single coil
Wood does whatever the fuck it wants.
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BY GrantB
First gig.

It's a ripper! Woody goodness. And the wider string spacing works very well. Just need to put some new saddles on now the widen slightly the bridge end. Someone decided to bring the outer E's in a bit.