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BY Danban
Ones a new guitar day and the other is an old mainstay.

Onto the new arrival first:

I recently went and bought this beauty from Opsguy after wanting another to go with my '65

She's a 62' Gibson SG Special which I'm sure a few of you have already seen and met.


Now the 65' I've had for a while and is currently on its 3rd set of frets, she's seen a hard life and has been a beater of mine for years, even after a headstock repair and neck reset it's still a cracker!


And here's the rest of the family

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BY bender
Oh my! I've played that white one. It's killer!!!!

Love the Gretsch Firebird too.
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BY GrantB
Darth Sabbathi wrote:Aw yeah... that '62 Special looks amazing! Original pickups?

The pickups are late 50's...which are essentially identical to '62's.