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BY dayl
Hi guys.

A friends dad has had these two for approx 45 years or so and is considering selling them. I was asked what they may be worth but have no idea.

The Amp is an old Jansen 8500 solid state and the guitar is a diplomat. ..model unknown.

Both are in very good condition.

Saw one of these amps go for around $100 recently on TM which may have been a good buy.

Need some pricing and history on the diplomat please.

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BY Single coil
Pretty sure I had one of those old Jansen things. Don't think I paid 50 bucks for it.
Blew up after 20 mins of use. Apparently they don't like fuzz pedals.
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BY H671
Looks like a setup that I traded to a friend in Auckland (for an Antoria) about 20 years ago. The Jansen should be a 30 watt output with a 12" speaker.
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BY mrmofo
the guitar looks pre 70`s, start at $500 and go down from there.
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BY WellyBlues
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BY WellyBlues
Conway wrote:
WellyBlues wrote:For Conway: ... home.aspx#

Thanks for that, don't swimming pools look great.

In community centres, yes; in guitar collections, no.