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BY foal30
I'm not the boss or organiser of this site

But if I had members fight on a gearfest event I'd cringe or withdraw my support

So yeah 22/9 lets play , it'll be cool I got some good players turning up .
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BY kdawg2a
Molly wrote:
codedog wrote:Mttn3 hasn't posted for quite a while now. I have noticed Molly's absence recently... hope he's OK.

jeremyb wrote:I imagine he's sick of people giving him shit about his gear turnover! :(

I'm all good, thanks. And thanks for the kind words in this thread. I'm just trying to spend less time online.

willow13 wrote:is he curled up in a ball somewhere? ... he brings it all on himself by posting every other day about new gear. ... :rofl:

Tedious little man. Roll on the floor laughing? What at? Your wit?

Dude..... come to Gfest. You missed the last one and we haven't seen you's in ages.
BY foal30
jeremyb wrote:
foal30 wrote:
jeremyb wrote:How much $ do we need to bring Reuben?

Venue hire?

Yeah / koha?

Yep whatever anyone wants to chip in. I'm happy to cover the costs , will be playing at the venue tomorrow assuming that goes well will pay for 22/9 after that.

Fair enough?
Whats everyone bringing? I'll start with...

Boss Katana 50W with my custom switcher
Yammie THR-10X

MIM Tele
JB Telemaster

DOD Carcosa, and a Crybaby wah (before I gut it for my next project :lol: ) on a 3d printed pedalboard (assuming it is sturdy enough!)
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