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BY Reg18
Who is defiantly coming Sat?
I know of 2 who can’t make it so far but would be good to know total numbers.

Flux effects have got back to me, he might be able to make it between 1-2pm and I reckon if he makes it we should give him a slot to show us his products and we can possibly try them out as well.
What do you all think?
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I'll be there. Probably in a dark corner manically grinning at anyone that looks my way, muttering ' they all float down here'.
That said, i'm bringing marshall, supro, lp, strat and possibly some weird guitars.
We've got 5 confirmed (assuming Molly is still in)
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BY jeremyb
I'm keen as too, mainly just to hang out with you guys again and talk life and guitar stuff!
That's a bugger Kris :(

I've got a surprise pedal courtesy of Dayl to amuse everyone :mrgreen:
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