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Single coil wrote:


:rofl: I said to Phil with how long it is between the fests the Ass might be where to hold the next one given we'll all be really old by then :crazy:

I seem to be in a lot of your pictures...stalker
bender wrote:
These amps faced each other to form a vortex of doom where only the brave or ear plugged dared to tread:
The first is H671’s Vibro King. Big, loud, and surprisingly aggressive sounding for a Fender amp
The second is Slowy’s Optimus Prime (needs a new name- I nominate Authentic Working Death-Ray). It’s a beast. I made the mistake of trying it after inserting my ear plugs and didn’t realise just how loud it was! Apologies to everyone in the Grey-Lynn/Ponsonby/K’Road postcode. The little Jansen never ceases to please the ears too. What a little beast!

The Vibro King never got past 4 on the volume knob & out of interest, when Pete Townsend from the Who was using these on stage, he would never go past 2 on the volume.
Kris wrote:who's is the tele? a mate has just built something nearly identical bar the pup's


Both guitars are home made. The tele has a P90 in the bridge. The tele neck and the pickups in the double cut are special - one coil per string.
The tele allows for quick bridge pickup changes from the back (less than 2 minutes to change).
I think you mean 'Hand Made", home made doesn't begin to show the hours spent on them. I wish I could have hung around to spend some time with them. I even practiced some CCR especially...
Molly wrote:That Vibro-King needs this: ... 1790142892

Just sayin'... ;-)

:D You could always buy the Vibro King to go with the attenuator. :thumbup:
I actually have an interesting bass amp I’m sure a bunch of yous would enjoy a hoon on ... not much else has changed; travelling light until me next windfall for a box a strings lol
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