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Cheers man! It's a big deal in more ways than one so it deserves consideration and I appreciate yours as well.

I still heavily rate the first Stone Roses album. I know that there's a (un)healthy rehash of Led Zep and JH riffs and the singer is heavily studio assisted, but for me, the rhythm section captures the UK, early 90s zeitgeist completely. I'm a Johnny Marr/Smiths fan and rate The La's, "There She Goes" composition/guitar-work, so I like the intersection of the British pop/rock guitar tradition and contemporary (for that time), dance-floor beat.

My other son loves his EDM and some older Hip-hop and although I don't get most of it, when he plays something with a more melodic component, rather than an incessant mono-rhythm, I can even crack a smile too.
Are these G6122-62's that just aren't listed as such? ... -gentleman ... ition-tone

Prices seem reasonable.

When I wanted a guitar I couldn't find in country (24 fret SG), I messaged the seller on reverb, we talked, talked about shipping, shipping methods, how long he had the guitar, why he was selling e.t.c

Seemed like a genuine guy, so I purchased.

All went smoothly except for the courier dumping it on the front step and buggering off without even knocking.

Expect a hammering from GST and customs.
Are these G6122-62's that just aren't listed as such? ... -gentleman ... ition-tone

Prices seem reasonable.

Brilliant! Thanks for the tips. Yes, either would fill the deal. Looks like it may come down to details to separate them and the price is excellent compared to others.

I've been reluctant to follow through with anything on Reverb for fear of being ripped off. I appreciate learning of your experience, especially the importance of striking up a relationship with the seller to determine their credibility. Great to know that things went smoothly...very reassuring (albeit with the courier :shock: ).

Yep, Customs is a worry...I'm also keeping an eye on the Brexit developments to see if that impacts the NZ$. Just on the to'ings and fro'ings already to date I've noticed a slight bump up against the UKP so importing may be even more feasible as the deadline date closes in.

Thanks again for spotting those listings and your advice :thumbup:
clubhouse wrote:surf green, Gretsch, hollow body in a shop there. I can't remember the model as I wasn't really concentrating as much as I should've been but my son was bowled over. In his own way he would refer back to that guitar often over the years.

I know nothing about Gretsch, but how many green ones are there in the country? ... 818333.htm
I know nothing about Gretsch, but how many green ones are there in the country? ... 818333.htm

Wow! IIRC that's the one that's sparked this thing. I've taken your experience on Reverb to mind and I'm starting to search there as the probable best option. One or two possibilities have already come to light including one of your suggestions. Thanks very much for your support especially regarding your Reverb experience...good reassurance :D Cheers!
He plays my Jaguar quite a bit and likes the idea of a vibrato tailpiece and his guitar hero plays a G6122. He/we like the generic feel and sound of a semi-acoustic Gretsch (through playing the G6118 in that shop) so it's become a general discussion over time as to which one specifically would fit all our specs and considerations. The G6122 fits his bill. I prefer the G6120 but I've long had a Brian Setzer admiration, whereas he's not so much. Cheers.
This goes out to JHorner and all the other contributors for advice and support. I've eventually pulled the trigger on this: ... 014-walnut

Thanks JHorner for the advice on Reverb traders. It prompted me to search around and follow some leads. This guy originally had no ship to NZ option but after striking up a conversation about the guitar (he was really prompt in replying and supplying the extra photos for everything I asked for) it checked out fine and he felt more comfortable in eventually offering me a really competitive deal with shipping.

He dropped the original asking price down 29% which brought the whole deal, including shipping, well within the budget....just have to brace for the Customs smashing, eek :(

By description and feature set it checks out to be a 2014 G6122T-62GE (Golden Era) Edition. Pretty much the same spec as the current Vintage Select Edition but without the TV Jones Classic Filter'Tron PUs. It has the Gretsch High Sensitivity Filter'Trons instead which by comparison are pretty damn good sounding pups, maybe not as "hi-fi" sounding as the TV Jones Classics in that the tops may not have the same presence. Should still cut it in a band mix fine and after all, there's always the brute force of amp dBs to get the point across :wink:

The vib bar is not original to the '62 spec but the seller includes the original bar for retrofitting if needs be but I kinda like how it presents as is...we'll see what the birthday boy thinks. It also comes in the OHSC which is mint and includes all the paperwork and docs that it originally shipped with.

At this stage, all seems pretty genuine...we'll see how the rest of it goes...
Cheers for the link. Gretsch specs the fret board as "ebony" (whatever that may mean). There are several species commonly called ebony but specifically it's Madagascan sourced ebony that's CITES listed. Sri Lanka have legal protection preventing logging their ebony species and as the RS posting stated, some seem to include an ebony species in the rosewood common name grab-bag as well. Gibson was raided some years ago under suspicion of having CITES protected timbers so I guess I'm going to need some confirmation from Gretsch as to where they source their "ebony" from.