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BY robnobcorncob
Japanese standard series Gretsches are great instruments, so it's likely to be a relatively straightforward or minor issue.

Having said that, these problems are hard to diagnose via the internet so it's best you take it to someone who is experienced who can give you an expert opinion after viewing it in person. It may be one of those "I can't believe I didn't get this fixed sooner" type of situations that is a small problem creating a seemingly large issue as GrantB suggests.
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BY GrantB
sunburster wrote:
GrantB wrote:This is a 3 minute job to assess the situation and probably a 5 minute job to rectify. Chill and get someone to look at it. Even if it has high frets here and there it’s a simple fix. That’s Unlikely, but I’m trying to provide you with some context here. I’ve never worked on a neck I couldnt make right.

Some necks warp/twist, others are so bent one way or the other that the truss rod cannot straighten them so they require a reset (costly, time-intensive, no guarantee of success). Sometimes the truss rod is dysfunctional and requires replacing (also very costly).

Just saying it isn't always so easy.

I understand those things can happen. But before the speculation drives you nuts, just get someone who knows what they're doing to look at it. Work through to a fact based position and then decide your options.