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BY Slowy
New Forum Designed Guitar Day.

I realise I've been trumped, and pwned by Molly but that's pretty normal...

Around this time in 2015 we, the Forum collectively designed a guitar. Ash (Adrian) refereed the collective opinions and turned them into a Jazzmaster inspired design under his Radian brand. I'd never met it until today.

Guys, we did good!

Pictured here with the Korinacaster because they were both cut from the same plank of wood. I expected to spend this afternoon setting it up but it's excellent as is. Compared to the Korinacaster, the pups are fatter with less bite. Still plenty of sparkle though. And sustain.... it rings beautifully.

Special thanks to Pastasauce for caring for it so well and for exceptional efforts in getting it to me.

C'mon Molly, show us yer, wait...Knaggs.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Damn. So cool!
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BY Molly
Very cool. I've had a Radian and the bloody thing was effortless to play.

Chuffed to bits with mine, thanks. Livelier than the PRSs it might resemble. More Fender-like. It's essentially a light and really resonant Strat. Pickups are a bit full-on but I won't rush to change them just yet.

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BY Single coil
I am so glad this stayed