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BY Molly
Got a Knaggs Severn Tier 2 on-hold at Rockshop until I can get back there Friday. RS are getting out of Knaggs so it's heavily discounted.

It's a 2015 model. Played it earlier today through a Buxom Betty, a Pink Taco and one of those new Mesa Fillmore heads. The single coils sounded very Stratty indeed and the bridge humbucker has a nice vintage thing. Wasn't able to give the trem a go as the arm wasn't in the case (now on its way to Christchurch from another store). Couldn't fault the build quality save for a wee gap where the pickguard met the neck.

Some flame in the neck (curly rock maple - some figuring but not mega). Cocobolo fretboard. Body is curly maple (nice but no 10 top) and alder. Good weight at just 6.8 lbs. Aged Scotch finish looked really nice. Neck was a bigger C. Very percussive even with old strings. The sales guy noticed that actually so played some slap bass on it :-) Sounded great clean through the Buxom Betty and had some really cool, creamy overdriven tones through the Fillmore (nice sounding amp).

Anyway, it's substantially cheaper than the original ticket price. I'm just waiting for the arm so I can try the trem and also wanted to sleep on it rather than have buyer's remorse. So they're holding it for me.

You guys had any experience of these guitars? Thoughts?

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BY Molly
That's such a shame, eh?

Don't want to fall into the trap of buying this guitar because it's cheap (relatively speaking - as it's far from 'cheap'). Have to actually want it too.
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BY Molly
slash-ed wrote:Well... do you like it?

Which is the obvious question. Yes, I did. It had a great 'snap' to it (not a pun on the above SS guitar) and just felt like a really good Strat. I liked having the bridge humbucker too even though I always associate figured-top HSS guitars with dentist-cabaret.

Giving myself a moment to think it over though. I do tend to be impulsive with guitar purchases and this is pretty spendy.
Molly wrote:Don't want to fall into the trap of buying this guitar because it's cheap (relatively speaking - as it's far from 'cheap'). Have to actually want it too.

What's it going to give you that your other guitars haven't been able to? Your last sentence is where the money's at IMHO. You've played it through a few amps and sounds like you're still not sure, so I'd pass. I can see you enjoying it for the first few weeks and then it being either back in its's case or up on TM.
BY Kiwiaxe
Ok I’ll be honest but blunt

1. Great build quality. Basically PRS plus a bit.
2. Comes with beautiful hard case and soft gig bag as standard (I believe). Nice touch.
3. Very very very hard to re-sell in NZ. Not a problem for people who tend to hold on to their guitars (cough not you cough). But assume you’ll take an absolute hiding selling it in NZ unless you are going to sell it overseas.
Molly wrote:Cheers chaps. I think Rockshop have had trouble shifting them hence the sell-off so, yeah, I get where you're coming from.

Thanks. :thumbup:

Kiwiaxe made a good point about losing a lot of $$ on the resale value, guess this depends on how much of a dealbreaker that is for you. Might not be so much of a hang up for you as it is for the the majority of us on here... in which case screw it. You only live once :thumbup: