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BY sizzlingbadger
Got the Radian finished last night. Now has a Dimarzio 36th annie Bridge, Virtual PAF in the neck and coil tap instead of kill switch. I re-wired it with new Dimarzio pots and changed the knobs to some gold ones I had lying around.

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BY sizzlingbadger
It's a great guitar, plays well and has a really nice bright sound. I'm tempted to sell it though to help fund that green PRS.
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BY Kloppsta
nice! tasty changes :) looks like it got some polish too! :thumbup:

if you do decide to sell it, can you wait until Oct next year when i get my next bonus? hahaha
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BY Single coil
“External” coil tap (mini switch vs. push pull) is something I’m becoming more of a fan of. Very good.