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BY stratkiwi
OK I went and bought myself a LP style guitar something I have always wanted and for an LTD I love it. I have alot of trouble leaving it alone the model is the EC1000 deluxe my intention was to get one with the EMG's in it but I didn't want to wait for them to get one in so settled with the amber burst with Seymour Duncan 59 and JB in it.

BY candiman
Looks great, I have an LP style from the ESP folk (Navigator) and it's a proper keeper.

Looking forward to the name change? Happy NGD!
BY stratkiwi
JHorner wrote:thin u neck?

Yup thin U neck along with locking tuners and tonepros bridge handles being tuned in C standard rather well for a 24.75 scale length
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BY dayl
Congrats man, really nice gat. That pickup combo vibes with most. Tried and true.
BY stratkiwi
dayl wrote:Congrats man, really nice gat. That pickup combo vibes with most. Tried and true.

I had the same pickups in the charvel san dimas that I sold and found them too bright but in the LTD they are awesome
BY stratkiwi
dayl wrote:SOunds mint!

thanks I did the intonation on the guitar myself there were only two strings that I could not get perfect as I ran out of adjustment but they are only ever so slightly out by about one needle width on the tuner. The distortion pedal was a boss metal zone had the DSL100 on the crunch section of the classic gain channel with the volume on the neck pickup turned down to get the clean part , chorus was the xvibe V8 vibro chorus still waiting on the flanger to arrive