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Daza152 wrote:
Bg wrote:and what 'squier Deluxe', the one on the moon? the one on the one in your local music shop? the one in your fantasies?

Just sayin' a link would be handy.

Just you tube mate basswood bodies fine you reckon?

Ok. Daza, I have no idea what you are talking about. You have one post to make it clear, after that my patience has worn out and you're gone. ok? There is no longer a wolf pack but I'm older and my sufferance of fools is very very thin. I am the one man ban.... (d)
I’ve played lots of cheap, very cheap guitars that are good. And lots of expensive guitars that are meh.

Ears...listen to your ears.
Bg wrote:
GrantB wrote:Oh, banned...again?

first time actually... I feel I gave him a fair chance?

I’m surprised you sat through that much.
I think the forum is better off as the posts seemed to be inane and overdone topics that anybody could google as a start. I’ve seen the forum give good advice to genuine questions from newbies.
Saying what we’re all thinking
I’m at a loss personally as to what the issue was - I mean if an inane question pops up, how about just don’t answer it and move on? This thread has hit 4 pages, coulda been sliced in 2 posts with a ‘wealth of responses on this already, go do some digging Daza’. It’s like complaining how fat your dog gets if you keep feeding it every time it comes up and sniffs your hand?