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I am aware that there's a thread going re: set-ups.

Anyone here with experience/ would recommend the fret shop in auckland?

Im looking at having one guitar for set-up (with possible nut change) and one for re-fret.

Thanks team.
So just updating with my experience @ the fret shop. I had one of my guitars set-up and Andries recommended that it needed a fret dress as well,so I obliged. Anyhows he said TAT is one day but it actually took three to finish (which I didnt mind since I told him to take his time; I believe that one should never be rushed when doing his/her craft).

His work on my guitar was really good and the dude was nice. Too bad I wasnt able to enjoy the guitar since i sold it the same day he finished his work (not Andries' fault at all-- it was an LP Jr and I just realised that I'll forever be a fender man lol).