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BY Terexgeek

So this has arrived and I am a fan of Thinlines, one day a '72 reissue will be mine, oh yes. But this looks cool, although it needs a maple board in my opinion, and a Lake Placid Blue colour scheme.

The big question, hot or not?

Should Fender leave Gretsch to Gretsch, cue outraged posting ala PRS Silver Sky...or it is a welcome addition to the Cabronita line, ready for a chunky caliper?
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BY jeremyb
With a bigsby that would be perfection!!
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I love everything part from the pickguard
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BY Single coil
:? Not spinning my wheels
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BY philly
jeremyb wrote:With a bigsby that would be perfection!!

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BY Conway
Terexgeek wrote:... a Lake Placid Blue colour scheme.

That, of course, significantly improves anything.

But I fear Fender are doing a Gibson trick here, with all these odd, thrown-together models.
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BY GrantB
I’d rock it.