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BY Slowy
olegmcnoleg wrote:

Oh shit. :eh:

Oh shit indeed. Lowden already make The Best Guitars on the Planet and now thay're doing electrics?

Oleg, you'll have to sell me some Lowdens to fund this.

FOR SALE: One Kid and one kidney.
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BY bbrunskill
Sadly i think it's a pretty dull guitar. I would have liked to see them do something based on a hollow body - not a les paul with an odd body shape. Bet the neck is amazing though.
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BY jeremyb
I like the thinness of it, kinda like an sg mated with an lp...
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BY Single coil
Not doin anything for me. They have all this beautiful wood oh my and then ... it’s a deformed pancake.
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BY Single coil
Clanger wrote:Wonder what the price is?