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BY bender
Spotted this on Trademe and thought, now that's a strat I could like! I know the seller so managed to do a deal outside of trademe too.
It's a Fender Classic 60s Strat in Shoreline GOLD, with Mojo Pickups GOLDfoils mounted in a GOLD pick guard, with GOLD pick guard screws.

Nice bit of beatupness

The pickups sound monstrously good.

It came with the original pickups and hardware too, so if I don't get on with the trem, I plan to keep the Goldfoils and sell it in its original configuration. So far, I really like it though.
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That looks like some console out of Thunderbirds..... you need to have a freak gold smelting accident now.
BY Delayman
Gold trem, tuners, and jack plate will complete the goldness. That would be achievement unlocked.
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BY jeremyb
That's cool as!
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BY Slowy
Need sound clips please Ben.
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BY H671
codedog wrote:That's pretty damn cool! I remember hearing gold foils in a strat on youtube, I think it was a GFS set. They sound fantastic! Have you seen this by any chance? - not sure if that concerns you in your genre though...

Just had a look - interesting.
My H671 Harmony has the original DeArmond gold foil single coils that are humbucker size.
They sound great.