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Kiwiaxe wrote:Ok here's mine


1991 Gibson Celebrity Classic (only 200 made). I bought it from what was then Musical Sounds in late 1991.

Lost the pick guard forever ago, and changed the pickups to BKP Rebel Yells (original pickups are somewhere in my storage still). I have done many many gigs with this lovely lady.

Anyone here who can beat nearly 27 years?

Is that Ed's old Suhr with the 'go-faster-stripe' guitar strap hanging in the background?
Kiwiaxe wrote:
Slowy wrote:
Kiwiaxe wrote:Anyone here who can beat nearly 27 years?

You're not even close. :lol:

No shit?

Ok, looks like you're gonna win.

I should get my Dad to sign up on this forum, man he has some great stories to tell. Saw Rory & Jimi live handfuls of times and has played and/or recorded with Knopfler, The Ivy League, The Tremeloes, Manfred Mann and a number of others. He bought his Gibson ES355 the year that I was born... and I'm 41 this year.
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BY H671
This since the mid 90's.


I got this Mustang back in 1992. It was my first good guitar and even though it was only 20 years old when I got it I still considered it a 'vintage' guitar. I guess that means there are kids now talking about their vintage 1998 strats and teles!
I've owned it for 26 years and even though it hardly gets played i'll never sell it.