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BY jaxman16
I just scored this cool Ibanez Prestige RG3550MZ, in a very retro 80's neon yellow colour. Plays awesomely and looks killer! I've wanted a maple fretboard guitar for a while, this thing rocks.

Ibanez users/fans, show me your guitars! This is my first Ibanez and I'm loving it so far.
Really digging the Dimarzio pups, never tried those before either!
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BY Lyle
Here's my 1991 RG550. It's a bit bashed up but still fun to play, the edge trem is awesome. It's got DiMarzio's in it now.
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BY StratMatt

The JS is now sold but the Jem will never go. Signed by the big guy himself. Took it out to play last night actually, so much fun.
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BY Slowy
This thread is long overdue.
And no, I got nothing. :oops:
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BY Timoes
Ibanez RGs

Ibanez J Custom

My 2 RGs. The 1st is a 89 USA Custom Metal Design Serpent. Built in Japan and assemblef in California to try and boost Ibanez sales in the US at the time. They also did some very cool mural type ones which are very sort after. The RG8470Z TB J Custom is #1 of 10 built for a Japanese guitar shop.
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BY Single coil
Had a bunch of rgs and an s series over the years.
Miss the as103 the most.
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BY Olderama
This is not helping lol
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BY Shimmer
Mine is 90s Talman. The TV750GQBS to be specific ;)
Resoncast body (which is apparently MDF...)