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BY Single coil
I like this
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BY GrantB
Wow - those Lincoln guitars are fantastic. Much want.
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BY olegmcnoleg
There’s enough gas round here buddy, without you stoking the fires... ;-)

Seriously, those Diemels are awesome... i think I should explore an offset guitar, with a trem, and low wound soap bar pickups
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BY Danger Mouse
Why do I get the feeling Billy Gibbons is some way involved in the Lincolns?
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BY jeremyb
The lincoln remind me a bit like a rounded off St Vincent EBMM :) Very nice!
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BY jvpp
Thanks Slowy, while checking out those links I stumbled on this one on the Deimel page:

I guess too boring for most but I enjoyed his take!

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BY H671
Actually, that clip made me think about how so many people get carried away with ethical issues & I thought - what would the people in the so called third world countries think if the do gooders took away their only source of income & left them to starve.
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BY jimi
Place I worked for in the mid 2000s was offshoring work to the Philippines and a justification along those lines came out from management... improving the lives of people over there etc... making a difference in impoverished communities. Wonder how they survived over there before the kinda Americans showed up to employ them in call centres.

I'm sure the team whose job was disappearing overseas didn't mind being unemployed when they were helping out the less fortunate overseas.

Pretty sure paying about 1/8th the wages was the real reason though.
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BY Single coil
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BY Danger Mouse
The global economy is now such that these third world countries are starting to realise the power they have.

Instead of wealthy western companies dictating "you will make this for less money, you will reduce your margins so we can increase ours!", now they are getting back the message "nah fuck that, we'll just sell directly to the customer through Ali Express and destroy your business in the process".

Interesting times.