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BY Slowy
Molly wrote:I love the Strat neck pickup every bit as much as I'm indifferent to the bridge.

I've discovered a fix for that; the Hermida Zen Drive. Turns Meh into MMMMMMM!
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BY Reg18
I've never got on with the In between Straty sounds, when I used to do sound there was an older guy who was a dire straits fan through and through and I remember once being a bit frustrated (as he never switched from 2 or 4 positions) so asked him to switch pickups as it just sounded thin and got complete lost in the mix. However recently I played one with that little DJW 10watt head and it sounded freakin amazing in the 2 and 4 positions. I put it down to the fact it had no tube rectifier and was such a direct in your face sounding amp the in between Strat positions punched though the mix with a real presence. Still don't like them with my 5e3, it's just to squashy with the tube rectifier and gets lost.
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is that my old djw? Yeah it loves strats!

Will buy back if you're selling now?