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StrummersOfThunder wrote:How many mastery bridges can you count!

bender wrote:Fuck

That’s not a number.
kdawg2a wrote:Epic! You can totally tell by that photo that you're a massive fan of high gain sweep shred tapping!

thats me!
Typically the boys take a breather mid set and I just do a high gain sweep tapping solo session for 45 min or so. Generally I know its time to stop when the frets start lifting out of the finger board or the high e undergoes sublimation, going directly from solid phase to gas phase
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BY JHorner
sunburster wrote:Is that the Ice Blue Metallic Jazzmaster on the right? It looks Daphne Blue in this picture, maybe due to the colour saturation.

Clearly he needs both an Ice Blue and a Daphne Blue in order to show the difference in saturised photos.
StrummersOfThunder wrote:
KNNZ wrote:Awesomeness! Your life must be complete or something...

well actually two of those guitars are for sale so maybe its too complete?

I've found that with guitars you can have too much of a good thing. Offset overdose!