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BY Dharmajester
Ok, I'm sure most of you have seen my Oxblood R4 on the occasions I've had it up for sale.
Still planning on selling it as I have an R7 I prefer ( and less time to play )
As I mentioned in the thread Werdna started on detecting hidden flame, it has flame beneath the top coat. I actually did the led white paper test on it today and the flame appears to be even more extensive than I previously thought so what are the forums thoughts?
Strip it or leave it. I'm dying to see what it looks like but don't want to stuff the resale value. To me I would think it's more desirable as a flame top but I'm frequently and increasingly wrong about many things.
Cast your votes. Keen to hear what Grant has to say.
BY Molly
Leave it. Sell it. You already prefer your other LP so I wouldn't put any energy into fucking about with the Ox.

Just sayin'.
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BY sizzlingbadger
I like that Ox, if I had any money I'd be interested in buying it. I was painfully close to getting my hands on it once when you were thinking of trading it.
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Stripping it is one thing. Putting a burst on it and painting it in nitro, is another thing. It'll be a pretty big job yo get right, and will take a while too
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BY Dharmajester
Bugger. I'm sitting here staring at it just itching to go grab a heat gun but yooz fella's are giving me no encouragement at all. Better put it away quick.
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BY jvpp
I like stripping. You should do it and post every bit here. Who cares about rezale if you cant sell it now anyways
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BY sizzlingbadger
This one has the slimmed down neck like Jeff Beck's ?

Don't strip it, I'll see if I can save $4K this year :winky:
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BY Dharmajester
sizzlingbadger wrote:This one has the slimmed down neck like Jeff Beck's ?

Don't strip it, I'll see if I can save $4K this year :winky:

It's still chunky but has had the shoulders slimmed down so it sits nicely in the hand ( like Beck's).

I could see traces of flame when I bought it but now I've done the led and white paper test I can see it has flame right across it. The temptation to strip it back is particularly strong partly because the Oxblood finish is pretty rubbish and marks just with normal handling. I always thought Beck had done the paint job himself and imagined it would have an automotive type durability but apparently his was already painted in the Oxblood when he bought it. Gibson did their best to copy the original, warts and all.
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BY Reg18
I’m sure you already know what the sensible answer is, however you have been talking about this for a while so depends if the risk (resale value) compared to satisfying your curiosity is worth more to you?
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BY philly
strip!.. strip!...strip!..strip!...
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BY JHorner
Put time/money into stripping and refinishing it.
To make it appeal to purchasers who want one that looks common.
But also want a very unique fretboard. And are happy that it's been messed with.

May as well save yourself the drama. just fire sale it now and or time payment it to SB
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BY godgrinder
You'd just lose more when it comes to resale.
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BY Single coil
Leave it alone ya fuckennnnnn aaaaaaaaaaa