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BY Conway
Wouldn't mind one of them myself. I've had a 513 previously, which was much the same, but different.
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BY olegmcnoleg
Molly wrote:
Conway wrote:Super Eagle.


Switches are a bit busy for me. Maybe it was for the Grateful Dead gig.

I'd like a C22 / 24 style PRS with Stratty pickup arrangement.

LoL for the switches. If you want a stratty PRS, get a swamp ash special.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Molly wrote:Switches are a bit busy for me. Maybe it was for the Grateful Dead gig.


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BY kdawg2a
Molly wrote:
kdawg2a wrote:I look at that guitar and to me it seems to solve a lot of problems that no one has with a regular strat. If you buy all the bits, you can make a really high end strat for $1500.

I'm not going down this road again. The outcome is just too hit-and-miss. If you shop-around second-hand you could probably source all the bits cheap but it'd take forever and a day. I guess it could be a rolling project where you get something that's got good bones and upgrade as you go. That said, when you say high-end I guess you'd need a nice, light and resonant body and a well finished neck. Hard to find the right spec. second hand and spendy new.

How would it break-down do you think? Just roughly.

$100 - Tuners
$250 - Neck
$350 - Body
$200 - Trem
$300 - Pickups
$100 - Plastics
$100 - Case
$80 - Pots / wire etc.
$20 - Neck plate / screws
$100 - Paint


Avri 57 reissue body in fiesta red $400
Warmoth 1 inch thick soft V birdseye maple dark rosewood traditional slabboard neck $450
Seymour Duncan SSL-1 California vintage pick ups $280
Crazy Parts from Germany 54-71 Strat hardware set ( big block pat pend trem, Kluson tuners, numbered neck plate etc....) $300
Plastics $100
CTS pots, CRL switch, clothe wiring, ali p/guard sheild, $100

Ok, that's $1630. I'd happily take $1500 for it!
Goes to show that minor ability with a screwdriver and a soldering iron can get big results!
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BY Molly
Conway wrote:509, Molly?


Just watched the demo of that. Sounded great. Wonder why it has a different neck join.
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BY Terexgeek
kdawg2a wrote:I would imagine if you wanted a strat you would just go get a strat.

Says the guy with many Strats built by himself.
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Terexgeek wrote:I don't mind it, it's nicer to look at than a Suhr (hate the droopy dick headstock), has a better cutaway and upper fret access than a Fender Strat, better trem than a Strat, bring on the PRS version of a Tele I say.

here u go :lol: :mental:

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BY GrantB
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BY Single coil
Where’s the facepalm emote
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BY hamo
I don't think the headstock looks that out of place that much, I'm used to seeing it on strat-ish shaped guitars.
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BY godgrinder
I don't mind that look, but that headstock/body shape combination basically makes it look like a Korean Schecter.
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