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    Show us your JM! limited to 2 JM per owner
    jokes! I know Strummers will flood this thread with his jaw dropping JMz please do!!

    Just got this in the mail as well :mental: :lol:
    I like to learn about possible mods for my JM too :geek:
    Fender Classic Player JM
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    BY AiRdAd
    Change the title to... Show us your offsets :-)
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    BY bender
    Here's mine:

    60's lacquer Jazzmaster upgraded with Mastery everything and Jess Louriero pickups (his 'Jazz' neck pickup and 'Telemaster' bridge).
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    BY mule
    Squier J Mascis. Love this thing to bits, but I'm on the lookout for a Fender to give the mastery treatment.

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    BY jeremyb
    Hope this counts, my telemaster, Paulownia body, allparts neck, gotoh hardware, GFS mean 90 pickups...