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Chaps, saw a guitar today that i never knew existed. It had a black Gibson shaped headstock, but gold printed Epiphone brand, The body shape was a double cut away. The top was flat not carved. The top was a book matched stripey top, in a lovely faded burst with a slight tangerine hue, like an old 60 LP. It had double cream HBs. It looked like it was old, at least thirty years Lovely bloody thing. Great vibe. Sadly not for sale. Just hanging in the shop as bait, next to a seventies LP custom which was also bait. Does anyone know more about this guitar?
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BY werdna
It's called a Spirit and they were sold under both the Gibson and Epiphone names, but made in the same factory.

"The Gibson Spirit is a lesser-known model produced from 1982 to 1986 by Gibson in the Nashville, TN and Kalamazoo, MI factories. It was initially produced in the Kalamazoo factory under the Epiphone nameplate. In response to poor sales, some Epiphone models were changed to Gibson, and a faint Epiphone logo can be seen under the Gibson logo on the peghead. Later models were produced as Gibsons in Nashville. The Spirit appears to have been modelled after the Les Paul Junior double-cutaway model, with the primary differences being the use of modern single-coil and humbucker pickups, and cutaways at the 20th fret rather than the 22nd."